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Our customers are pet owners who prioritize convenience, safety, and high-quality grooming services for their pets. They range from busy professionals to families and elderly pet owners who prefer the comfort and ease of having grooming services delivered directly to their doorstep.

Customers typically can choose from traditional brick-and-mortar pet grooming salons, do-it-yourself grooming at home, or other mobile grooming services. However, Kontota stands out by offering unparalleled convenience, personalized service, and stress-free grooming experiences for pets at their homes.

Mobile grooming offers numerous advantages such as convenience, personalized one-on-one service, less stress for pets by eliminating travel to a traditional salon, and flexible scheduling. It caters to clients who seek a hassle-free option that fits their lifestyle and reduces anxiety for their pets.

Our ideal candidate for a Kontota Mobile Grooming franchise is someone who possesses a unique combination of passion for animals, business acumen, and strong leadership skills. Here’s a thorough breakdown of the must-have traits and bonus characteristics we look for:


Passion for animals: The ideal candidate should have a genuine love and appreciation for pets, along with a desire to ensure their well-being and happiness through grooming services.

Entrepreneurial spirit: We seek individuals who are driven, motivated, and entrepreneurial-minded, with a desire to build and grow a successful business.

Strong communication skills: Excellent communication skills are essential for interacting with pet owners, managing a team (if applicable), and representing the Kontota brand effectively.

Financial management skills: Basic financial literacy and the ability to manage finances effectively are crucial for running a successful business.
Leadership qualities: The candidate should demonstrate strong leadership abilities, including the ability to inspire and motivate others, make sound decisions, and effectively delegate tasks.

Bonus Traits: Previous business ownership or management experience: While not required, prior experience in business ownership, management, or entrepreneurship can be beneficial for understanding the ins and outs of running a franchise.

Sales and marketing experience: Experience in sales and marketing can help the candidate effectively promote their business, attract new clients, and drive revenue growth.

Experience with pets or grooming: While not mandatory, previous experience working with pets or in the grooming industry can provide valuable insight and expertise.

Community involvement: Candidates who are actively involved in their local community and have strong networking skills may find it easier to build relationships and attract clients.

Adaptability and resilience: The ability to adapt to changing circumstances, overcome challenges, and stay resilient in the face of setbacks is essential for success in any business venture.

Overall, our ideal candidate is someone who is passionate about animals, driven to succeed in business, and possesses the necessary skills and qualities to effectively manage and grow a Kontota Mobile Grooming franchise.

As a franchisee of Kontota Mobile Grooming, your daily activities will primarily revolve around managing the operations of your mobile grooming business. Your responsibilities will include:

Scheduling appointments: Coordinate with pet owners to schedule grooming appointments, ensuring efficient use of your time and resources.

Managing finances: Keep track of expenses, revenue, and financial transactions related to your business, ensuring profitability and financial stability.

Marketing and promotion: Implement marketing strategies to attract new clients and retain existing ones. This may involve online advertising, social media marketing, and networking within your community.

Customer service: Provide exceptional customer service to pet owners, addressing their needs and concerns promptly and professionally.

Equipment maintenance: Ensure that your grooming van and equipment are properly maintained and in good working condition to deliver high-quality grooming services.

Eventually, as your business grows, you may have the option to delegate these tasks to an Operations Manager. This individual would oversee the day-to-day operations of the business, allowing you to focus on strategic planning, business development, and overall growth initiatives. This semi-absentee option offers greater flexibility and scalability, as you can leverage your time more efficiently while still actively managing and growing your business.

Typically, it can take anywhere 90 days to open your Kontota franchise, starting from your initial inquiry to the launch of your mobile grooming van. This timeline includes training, vehicle preparation, and marketing your new business.

Kontota stands as a leader in the mobile pet grooming industry, offering a proven business model with low startup costs, high growth potential, and robust franchisor support. Our commitment to innovation, quality service, and franchisee success sets us apart in a booming market.

The process begins with a discovery call, followed by a review of our franchise disclosure document. Next, prospective franchisees attend a meet-and-greet, receive training, secure financing, and finally launch their business with ongoing support from the Kontota team.

Financing options for your Kontota franchise include traditional bank loans, SBA loans, and financing through third-party lenders. We also provide guidance on financial planning and may offer financing assistance to qualified candidates.

Kontota offers extensive support including initial training, ongoing marketing strategies, operational guidance, and a dedicated support team to ensure your business thrives in the competitive pet grooming market.

Yes, as your business grows, there is potential to expand your operations by adding more vans and territories, increasing your ability to serve more customers and scale your earnings.

Kontota distinguishes itself with a commitment to safety, customer satisfaction, and a technology-driven approach that streamlines operations and enhances the grooming experience for pets and owners alike. We’ve put in the work to build the mobile grooming operating system that creates growth, invest today!

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