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Our Story

Samantha and Hoss have been pivotal to Kontota® from the very beginning. In less than four years, they expanded the company from a single van to 17 vans, grew the team from two to 45 employees, and increased the customer base from none to tens of thousands. Their efforts have successfully transitioned Kontota® into an officially franchised business.

Under the visionary leadership of Samantha and Hoss, Kontota® has redefined pet care through innovation and a sharp focus on customer satisfaction. Their strategic foresight has not only spurred rapid growth but also established Kontota® as a leader in the mobile pet grooming industry.

Their commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of market needs have transformed a startup into a thriving franchise. They set new standards in pet grooming, fostered a sense of community, and cultivated an entrepreneurial spirit. What sets Kontota® apart from most mobile dog grooming franchises is the way Samantha and Hoss lead by example, demonstrating the dedication and reliability that potential franchisees seek in a sound investment.


How it all began

Create The Life You Want
With Kontota®

The company was founded in December of 2019. The pandemic provided an unexpected opportunity to leverage the market’s desperate need for delivery and mobile services.

In the span of 2 years, Kontota® went from 1 van to 11 vans to meet an ever-growing service demand. This company changes animals’ lives for the better, helps aspiring entrepreneurs overcome their fears and start their own businesses, and provides opportunities to train and develop talents who would like to build a career helping animals.

— Hoss & Samantha —

Interested? Let's discuss starting your own business.

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