Kontota Franchising

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What is Kontota®?

  • Mobile pet grooming organization that meets a high demand for reliable and trustworthy groomers
  • Low-cost business opportunity designed to help franchisees create their ideal lifestyle
  • Home-based service with recurring customers willing to pay more for convenience and peace of mind

Number of Vans Over Time

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Customers have a need for mobile groomers who are available when they need them.  They don’t want to take their dog to a salon, but they need a brand they can trust with great reviews that has flexible openings right when they need their dog groomed.

The customer’s main concern is the safety and wellbeing of their pet during the grooming process.  They also would like to have a groomer they know and trust who is promptly available when they are in need.







Customers have difficulty finding a mobile grooming company with positive reviews and availability within several weeks. Customers wanting mobile grooming services often must gamble on an individual groomer they are unfamiliar with or a company that doesn’t have a strong google presence with good reviews.
Customers can feel secure using Kontota because the quality of the services are readily available online for review in the form of google reviews. Kontota scheduling team is easy to reach and responsive. The training and hiring, maintenance and repair, and work scheduling procedures enable Kontota to reliably provide services in a prompt manner.










After using Kontota, the customers feel confident that their dog received the most compassionate and patient care available. Their dog is happier, smells and looks better, and is much healthier than prior. The customer is relieved to see their pet feeling better and did not need to go out of their way to take them to a salon.
Every day, we make dogs feel better because they are clean, and they are free of tangles that cause pain and suffering. We also provide a convenient and fun service to customers who love getting grooming delivered to them. Additionally, we provide opportunities to our team that enables them to feed themselves and their families.







Our Services

Safe, Comfortable, Convenient


Why THey Love Us

Customers say that their dogs smell extremely clean and wonderful after getting groomed, their dogs are happy and playful after the experience, that they look beautiful, and that the groomer was professional and communicated continually.


"There aren't a lot of mobile groomers that will take large dogs. We rescued our Nash and we’re not sure how he would do with grooming. Our Kontota groomer took a great care of him and sends us picture updates during his visit and a report card at the end. Always fast to respond and get us in. Mobile grooming is more than we would spend at a chain but knowing he never has to go to a crate and and spend more time at home than at a groomer waiting it’s worth it to us. He is also older, we think about 10, and we rather not have him go under any stress if we can avoid it. We have had two visits so far and are happy loyal customers of our Kontota groomer. Thank you!


"I have two playful boys that needed a nice cut! When I called for an appointment I was amazed at all the services that were offered and the amazing price! One of my boys had escaped from the yard and was hit by a car just before the pandemic hit and the other we brought into the family during the pandemic so…they haven’t had much of a chance to socialize and a re a bit standoffish around others. Let me tell you, our Kontota groomer showed up and you would have thought she was part of our family! They took to her immediately! They weren’t anxious and jumped right into the van to get their spa on! Our Kontota groomer sent me pictures to ease any concerns I may have (I didn’t ask for them) and to show they were having a great time! They were actually in spa towels! I laughed! Our Kontota Groomer’s attention to detail in how she cut both their coats truly pleased me. She truly took what I wanted into consideration and their cuts came out beautifully! This dog momma is one happy customer and I will DEFINITELY be requesting our Kontota Groomer to come back and pamper my boys again! Thank you so much our Kontota groomer for treating my boys like family! You are part of ours now! 💞"


"I submitted a new client application for my 4 dogs and they responded to me the same day and were able to set up an appointment within the next 2 days which was awesome because usually mobile dog grooming either doesn’t accept new clients or won’t have an available appointment for weeks. Our Kontota groomer was able to come early for their appointment and took amazing care of my dogs and was really kind. The process was super easy and not stressful at all for me or the dogs. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a fast and reliable mobile dog grooming service!"


Interested in starting your own business? Let's talk about it.